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Complaint Handling- Conflict Resolution In Business

by Mahk Richards

Complaint Handling

Complaint handling is an art form often neglected by customer service departments. If your customer service team is not fully equipped to deal with angry and fractious customers, you may see that many of these individuals will defect to the competition.

From time to time we may get the odd complaint about our product or service. Normally when people complain they have a reason to do so. By acknowledging the issues and dealing with it immediately or as soon as possible you are demonstrating to the client your dedication to them and your will for them to do continued business.

Your staffs need empowerment and also a system so they know how to act. Provide training and information on your complaints procedure. This will help them in the emotion situations and they will know how to act professionally and appropriately.

Start off with an apology. By apologising to the client you are taking a large part of the emotional concern away. You will notice clients acting calmly and be able to work with them. Most clients want you to listen and to show empathy to their concerns. An apology will help.

It is important to listen to your clients. Don’t get defensive when they speak and fully hear them out. Show concern to the client and show empathy and correct body language. If you follow up on the information or solution this indicates to the client you are really concerned and it was just not a reaction to their complaint. Follow up letters are great to demonstrate that you are really concerned, plus if the solution didn’t fit or they are still unhappy this gives you the ability to re-evaluate the situation. If you monitor your complaints or survey your customers you will find out if they are happy with your services. The happy customer is one that will continue buying off you for years to come. Repeat business also is the easiest and best business.

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